3 Advantages of Home Sellers at Low Inventory

3 Advantages of Home Sellers at Low Inventory

There are 3 big advantages today's sellers have because of the low inventory.

Number 1 is getting the highest price. Because of the multiple offers, the buyers are offering over the appraised value.

They're coming up with the difference or paying some money over the appraised value. So that's a huge advantage for the sellers to get the highest price. Number 2 is the return on investment. If you are a seller, you spend some money to remodel the home or an investor. This is the time to get the highest return on the investment. Number 3 is getting a better term on the contract. Because of the multiple offer, again, the sellers are giving their own terms. For example, there is no 15-day inspection.

It's squeezing down to 7 days or 5 days. Or sometimes we saw 3 days inspection. And, other terms, like the closing term either a longer closing, or if there is a post-occupancy on the property because the seller is buying another property and after the closing, they want to stay in the home for a few days, free extensions and so on.

So, it's time to sell now. If you are thinking of selling, take advantage of these three major things.

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