3 most important tasks all top real estate agents focus on.

3 most important tasks all top real estate agents focus on.

Hey, my friend. If you are a real estate agent or in any sales business, there are three top tasks you can do to grow to the next level. These are the tasks that make you the most money. These are the tasks you learn skills and get better at that.

So number one is targeted conversation. This means, not just a conversation with a client or prospect or somebody you met in a networking event. It has to be targeted about your business, Not salesy, but targeted. For example, if you're a real estate agent, when you're talking to them, talk to them about the current market. Ask them questions about if they do have any concerns, any challenges, or any plans to buy or sell. You are not asking them to sell their home right now or buy a home right now, but you are asking them about their situation, what's their plan? So in the event they do have a plan to do something right now or in the future, you can help them. So that's number one thing, targeted conversation.

Number two is the listing appointments for real estate, which means when you list a property, you control the inventory, you control the market. With a buyer, you have to depend on the other listing agents, the list price, the commission they pay, a lot of time, you lose a lot of commission because many listing agents, they don't pay you the full commission or the seller doesn't pay full commission. But when you have a listing, you have much control over that. You can talk to the seller, you can show them the value you provide and earn the money you deserve. So listing appointments will be the number two most important job you can have. Multiple listing appointments you can do a day, two, three, or at least two, three, or four a week, whatever your capability.

And number three is the negotiation. That could be negotiation on a contract or offer you made. That could be a negotiation with a seller who is listing the property. Or that could be a negotiation if somebody made an offer on your listing. Because negotiation power needs skill. So, the more you do, you become. And that's what gives you the edge compared to the other real estate agent. So you want to be good at it. And also you execute your contract. So that helps to build up the business, and close the transaction. Remember, these three things are the goal for the future. Only things you want to do. Listing presentations, targeted conversations, and negotiation. The other, everything you can delegate that does not make you that much money. You can delegate to somebody and have somebody do that for you. 

So hopefully this information is going to help you make a super duper agent. My name is Shawn Bhakta, Team Leader at Remax Presidential, South Florida Home Finder Team and also a Tom Ferry Coach. And I'm glad to help.

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