3 Optimal tips to become a better negotiator.

3 Optimal tips to become a better negotiator.

Today I'm going to give you three optimal strategies in negotiation. Negotiation is one of the biggest ways you can get a better deal and accumulate some wealth. Welcome to Wealthy Wednesday.

Show Less Interest:

Negotiation rule number one, show less interest. Even though you want that property or you're a seller, you want to sell that property, less interested or less desperate you are to buy that property, even for the investor, you will make a better deal. So showing less interest, adding a less emotional attachment with that purchase or sale will get you a better deal. That's number one.

 Be practical about the situation:

Number two is to be very practical. You do not want to be a very tough negotiator when you ask for something not practical, not practical to the market situation or condition, or not practical to the property condition, because if the property is in good condition, you should pay a little more than the other property you paid that was in the worst condition. So you got to be practical when you make that offer, doing that negotiation.

Have enough knowledge:

Number three is you got to be knowledgeable enough about the whole situation. With the transaction, with the market condition, with that particular property. So in that case, all of us don't know everything, get expert advice. So you may be great at something, but not good at something else. There's nothing wrong to ask an expert. Maybe that's an attorney, an experienced real estate agent or it could be anyone. Get expert advice because knowledge is power when you are doing that negotiation. 

Hopefully these three tips are going to help you be a better negotiator. My name is Shawn Bhakta from Remax Presidential, South Florida Home Finder Team and I'm glad to help.

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