4 Major Reasons to Invest in Real Estate

Here are four major reasons for investing in real estate.

Number 1 is cash flow. If you have a rental property and your monthly expense is less than the rent you're getting,

Cash flow is the number one reason.

Number 2 is financial security. Now we know sometimes the market can go down or up, but eventually in the long run, 

real estate, as always, appreciates. So even if you have a mortgage on a rental property and you just leave it there, 

the cash flow comes in down the road. It will be paid off and you will have that asset paid off. 

Investment property for yourself. So financial security for sure.

Number 3 is the tax benefit. Any repairs, any expense you do on an investment property that tax benefit. 

Like other businesses,  in any business, when your experience shows you get the tax credit, same thing.

When you have one or two or five or ten investment properties, you can get the tax benefit showing those expenses.

And, number 4 is the control. You do have control in your investment because you have a tenant, you know how much

they're paying rent. You know how much cash flow you have. Not like the stock market. In a stock market, you put

the money, you have no control. The broker gives you the information, the market goes up and down. You can only calculate

based on the history of that stock, or you can just do the calculation.

But in real estate, you have 100% control of your investment. So here are four top reasons real estate is top investing platform,

Hopefully this video will help you get your next real estate investment.

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