A top success strategy for real estate agent is to keep the focus aligned with goals.

A top success strategy for real estate agent is to keep the focus aligned with goals.

Hey my friend, here's another success theory for super successful real estate agents, team leaders, or the brokers. And that is where focus goes, energy flows. So regardless of where you are, you may be an agent working with the team or you're a team leader or an independent agent, you have to make sure throughout the day whenever you're working, you focus your energy aligned with your goal.

For example, in the morning you're doing prospecting and you have certain goals, you have certain closing goals, certain appointments setting goals. Your focus, and your thought has to be aligned with that goal because there's a lot of distraction these days and it's easy to get distracted. For example, you open your email first thing in the morning and you're supposed to do prospecting. What happens? Your focus gets diverted suddenly because so many different emails come and then the lender is sending something, the title company is sending something, the client sending something and you easily lose your focus.

So my suggestion is keep the focus on your growth strategy, on your business plan and you will definitely grow. So because if we focus on the wrong thing, what happens? The energy goes to the wrong thing because energy is the one what we apply to get the result. So if we focus on the wrong thing, and put the energy on the wrong thing, we get the wrong result. So remember, this one-liner, where you focus and then energy flows in the same direction. 

Hopefully, this information is going to keep you focused to your goal and your achievement, and you grow to the next level that you deserve. My name is Shawn Bhakta, Team Leader from the South Florida Home Finder Team Remax Presidential. And I'm glad to help.

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