Automation, Artificial Intelligence and Lead Conversion.

Automation, Artificial Intelligence and Lead Conversion.

If you are a real estate agent especially, today I'm going to talk about automation, artificial intelligence, and lead conversion. Because I see some real estate agents are leaving their whole lead nurturing or lead generation, everything to AI. They are depending a lot on AI, artificial intelligence and I don't think that is a great idea. Remember your client or your future client, they want to hear from you. They want that human touch, the human voice. They want to talk to a human.

 So artificial intelligence or the automation you have is good. Of course, we need it. But remember, the main job of an AI or automation is to fill the gap. Suppose I'm doing a follow-up and I'm missing some touches. Yes, it is good to have that. Or some lead came to my system last night, or at 6 o'clock in the evening and then I was not available, it is good to send a text message or a video message. But at 09:00 in the morning when you open your computer, they are expecting a phone call from somebody who is a knowledgeable real estate agent and local area expert. So don't depend on the AI too much. Don't be too lazy to pick up that phone. Just use the AI, the automation to fill the gap you had.

For example, if you have a bunch of cold leads sitting there for years or months and you don't want to spend time on it, that makes sense. Have the AI work for you until they get warm. But if you have a new lead just signed up from Google PPC or any of those websites, Zillow or or so, they want to hear from you. 

So my message today is to use AI, use automation, but don't put your business fully on automation. Don't trust AI 100% to do the follow-up for you. You got to pick up the phone because your clients want to talk to you. Hopefully, this information is going to help you have more conversions of the leads and make them to the clients, to the closings. My name is Shawn Bhakta from Remax Presidential, South Florida Home Finder Team and Tom Ferry Coach. And I'm glad to help.

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