Avoid Gurus - Catchy offers!

Avoid Gurus - Catchy offers!

Hey my friend. Thanks for joining in and watching this video series about how to identify and avoid gurus. Welcome to Wealthy Wednesday.

So, let's talk about the offer a guru does and the mentor does? So there are some great coaching companies, there are some great trainers and they do offer services for coaching, and so. They are true mentors and true coaches. The difference between when a Guru comes is going to give you a very sweet offer for a bigger success. So what happens here they would offer you, hey, pay me seven dollars to join my course, okay, or one dollar to join my course. What happens here, taking that one dollar from you, they're getting credit card information. Then what happens? As soon as you sign up, they will offer you, we have these also for $495. I'm just throwing a number. Suppose you buy that then, we offering this for fifteen hundred dollars. So this thing keeps going on and going on.

But true coaching or true Mentor, true trainer will give you one price. Like, you want to lose some pounds we have a program for that and is proven but this is the price. This is the time is going to take, it may take 6 months. It's not going to be a week or 30 days and you just get it for seven dollars and then what happened, you keep on paying more and more and more. So, be very careful with the very catchy and sweet deal with a very cheap price because in the end going to pay more price, you're going to get frustrated and you're going to waste your money and the time. So, avoid these offers, these gurus out there, doing the videos making you the offers. Go for a true Mentor, ask how long are you doing this. Either it's an investment strategy Mentor, or a health mentor whatever it is. Ask, long they're doing, what results they had the true results, check their followers, on the social media. And also check their website, check the credibility, don't just fall for the gurus because they are offering some cheap offers. You going to waste your time and money.

Thanks for watching my friend. Hopefully, this information is going to save your time and money. My name is Shawn Bhakta from Remax Presidential. I'm glad to help.

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