Breaking the Cold Calling FEAR - Be Authentic

Breaking the Cold Calling FEAR - Be Authentic

Hello, my realtor friend, here is another episode regarding breaking the cold calling fear. And today I'm going to talk about being authentic. It's very important. When you are talking to someone or you are on the phone, be authentic because we all like authentic people. For example, even though we are advised to mirror and match, that's different. That's kind of you adapting someone's style, not really copying them. But if someone even in the front, they're talking to you and lean forward,  you lean also or on the phone with a similar attitude, somebody is fast. You try to go fast. Someone is slow, you try to go slow. All this stuff, matching the tone, and so.

But when it comes to the core value, it got to be authentic because people love authentic people. So, for example, you're calling someone and try to deliver the real message to them. Don't just talk in the air and make them happy, telling some lies. Because tomorrow, if they become your client and that's your goal actually to make them your client for forever, your fan, and they will find out that something you told them before and you're not, that's going to break their heart and that's going to break the relationship also. The client and realtor relationship.

So be authentic and that's going to give you more energy also. You'll be more natural too. Because, for example, for me, myself, I love something. I like some kinds of sports, I love some kinds of discussion. I like to inspire people. So when I call someone, I talk about their story, but I talk to them with my energy, my authenticity. If I don't like something, I'm not going to just tell them because they like that. This is the message for today. Be authentic on the phone. That's going to make you more natural and that's going to give you a more long term relationship with your client.

Hopefully, this information will help you to grow your business to the top level. Give me a call if you have any questions. Shawn Bhakta from Remax Presidential. Glad to help.

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