Breaking the Cold Calling FEAR - Challenge with Script

Breaking the Cold Calling FEAR - Challenge with Script

Okay, so breaking the cold calling fear. Now you really don't need to do cold calling. There are different ways you can generate business. But right now, due to Covid, cold calling is one of the biggest ways to generate business and add new clients to the database. Here is one biggest challenge, and that is the script. When we hear the word script practice, what happens?

The drunk monkey on the head says, oh, script means you're reading something on the paper. You got to remember all those lines and then you got to deliver that. Oh my God, that's such a problem. But actual script practice is not like those cold callers, you get those calls from. The spam calls you receive, it's not like that for real estate. The actual script is really role play. Objection handling.

So when it comes to script, in real estate, what we do, you pick up the objection. We normally get different kinds of lead when I call them. What are the challenges or objections? And then we practice with how can we deliver a positive message or give them a solution to that particular challenge. And it is actually a role play, not a script practice. And when it comes to script, you make your own script. Like one of the challenges these days we are having. Okay, if I sell my house, it's fine. I know I'm going to make a lot of money, but where do I move? There is no particular script for that. But what we need to do is practice it and come up with different lines or different words. We can give it to them or we can talk to them about that particular challenge and give them a solution, asking them questions.

And so again, when it comes to script, getting it out of the head is not really script practice but actually role play. Because we need to roleplay between each other before we call our client. Because as Coach Tom Ferry says that you don't need to practice on your client, you need to practice with each other. And then you pick up the phone and call your client so you can talk to them very efficiently and solve their problem. So get the fear out of script practice. It is a role play. All you're doing is learning about new ways to handle the same objection. So you have many different ways to handle the same objection. Hopefully this information is going to help you to get on the phone, grow your business, make some calls, and add more clients to your database. And, hey, the sky's the limit. Let's grow together. My name is Shawn Bhakta from Remax Presidential, South Florida Home Finder team. I'm glad to help.

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