Breaking the Cold Calling FEAR - It’s your Energy!

Breaking the Cold Calling FEAR - It’s your Energy!

Hello, my dear realtor friend. Today I'm going to talk about breaking the cold calling fear. And today's subject is it's your energy.

So, the reason I came up with this episode, many times, I heard from an ISA, that, hey Shawn, I called the prospect, but they don't want to sell. They just kind of cool down. And I didn't ask any other questions. But the truth is when you're calling someone, you don't know what state they are in at that time. They may be sitting on a desk drinking coffee and planning for the vacation. Maybe they have a death in the family or somebody is sick at home. Regardless, maybe it's raining. It's a bad weather. But you are the one who is doing the phone call. You are the one who is at the same state of energy.

When you are on the dialer, you're making the phone call. So it's your energy. And this is what I learned from the Toastmasters Club.

Also, when we're giving a speech and maybe the weather is bad, maybe something is going on and your crowd is not energetic. It's your job to give them the energy and pull them up so they can interact with you. On the cold calling, it is the same thing when you're calling someone, and regardless of the energy they're giving it to you, it's your job to bring them up to your energy. And how do you do that?

Suppose you call someone and ask, hey, are you thinking of selling your home because the market is hot, it's in bananas? They may say, no, I'm not. And then don't just hang up the phone there. You have the energy. You just keep talking. Yes, that's fine. So are you living in your dream home right now? So keep on asking questions and you can refer to some of the homes you sold in the neighborhood. You can ask them about how many bedrooms, bathrooms you have? How long are you living in the property? Do you have family members around? Or with the housing, what's your future goal? I know that you don't want to sell now, but what about next year? What about down the road?

So the bottom line is, don't just stop yourself because they say something to you. Or somebody may say, oh, you realtors are this, this, doesn't really matter. They don't know you. They're throwing you something with their past experience. So what do you do? You give them your energy to pull them up and have a conversation. So remember, it's your energy for making the call, not their energy.

Hopefully, this information will help you pick up the phone, make that call, and grow your business. Shawn Bhakta from Remax Presidential. Glad to help.

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