Breaking the Cold Calling FEAR - Make it a Discovery Call

Breaking the Cold Calling FEAR - Make it a Discovery Call

Hey, my friend, if you're in real estate and maybe just starting out or want to grow to the next level, cold calling these days is one of the major efficient way to generate business. Because of the go of it, we don't have many opportunities to do networking, door knocking or other one on one client connection. 

So today I'm going to talk about tip number two. This is when you start the cold calling, what's going on in your mind, that mindset is very important. Now, if you think that I'm doing a cold call, I'm going to ask for business, they're going to think like I'm selling them something  and they're going to hang up the phone. It's not going to work. Instead, don't think this is a cold call, think it's a discovery call, means you're going to call the neighborhood and you're going to find out from them what kind of real estate needs they have. You are discovering. You want to ask them questions. You want to talk to them as a neighbor realtor and get to know them more and more. And when you find someone is in need of real estate now or maybe in the near future, you're going to help them.

So it is not a sales call. If you think it's a sales call, you're not going to do it. Think in your mind it is a discovery call. I'm going to call my neighbors. I'm going to call this neighborhood where I work and I'm just going to ask them questions, get to know them. If they or their family have any need for real estate. And I'm going to be glad to help them. So no cold call. It's a discovery call.

Hopefully this information is going to inspire you to take another step to do some cold calling. Call me if you have any questions. My name is Shawn Bhakta, Team Leader at Remax Presidential, South Florida Home Finder Team. Glad to help.

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