Breaking the FEAR of COLD CALLING - Tip 1 - use an automated dialer

Breaking the FEAR of COLD CALLING - Tip 1 - use an automated dialer

Hey my friend, if you are in real estate, one thing you know, last couple of years due to COVID, cold calling is one of the number one way to generate leads. Because a lot of people are working from home. And also we are not doing that much networking or shaking hands with people or meeting with people in person. So cold calling is one of the best ways to generate leads.

But most real estate agents have the fear of cold calling. That could be the experience in the past or not knowing the strategy or maybe the mindset. So in this video series, I would like to encourage you for cold calling and give you some tips on how to break that fear.

Today I'll talk about tip number one and that is, use an automated dialer. What happens when you dial the number on the phone with finger dialing? If you get one bad answer, it affects your mind and then it affects your energy and then you go to not do cold calling. So it's all about the energy. You have to be full of energy and very optimistic when you're making those phone calls. So the other person on the line can feel that energy. So they are more comfortable to hire you as a realtor.

So tip number one is to use a dialer. There are a lot of different companies. You can Google them. I use Mojo personally for my team and it's working very well. That is my tip number one today is get a dialing system. So that's the way you don't have to punch the number and then automatically the system is going to dial for you. And another benefit is you're going to reach out to more people with less time. So it's a numbers game, more people. You reach out and then you get more conversations and therefore more clients, more closings.

So hopefully this tip is going to help you motivate you to take the first step for cold calling. Give me a call. My name is Shawn Bhakta, Remax Presidential, Team Leader for South Florida Home Finder Team. Glad to help. My number is right here on the screen.

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