Buying first investment property Challenges - I can’t maintain a tenant

Buying first investment property Challenges - I can’t maintain a tenant. One of my goals is to have every homeowner I know, buy at least one investment property. So they can build their financial future better than what they have right now.

Buying the first investment is very challenging. One of the challenges is...... I can buy a property, but I cannot maintain a tenant. Do you know how many tenants don't pay rent? They're bad, they damage the property.

I get that. So there are good tenants. There are bad tenants. If you only look at the bad tenant, you will never end up buying an investment property. Now, two things here. Number one is finding a good tenant. So that's what we can help you with.

Checking the credit, checking the history, rental history and checking the job, income and everything with the tenant. And we can find you a better tenant than the other tenant. And also we can manage that rental property for you.

So you don't have any headaches. All you want to do at the end of the month or beginning of the month, you're going to see the check, in your mailbox or a direct deposit to your bank account of the rent.

So having a bad tenant, if you have that nightmare for some reason, either you had a tenant before you dealt with it or you heard some stories. Don't worry! We'll take that challenge from you. We will give you the solution. We will maintain the property for you. So let's take the first step towards your financial freedom.

Let's discuss. On a 15 minutes discussion, I can guarantee you that you're going to take the first step and buy your first investment property.

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