Buying first investment property Challenges - I don’t know about home repairs

Buying first investment property Challenges - I don’t know about home repairs

 One of my goals for investment is every homeowner I know, have them own at least one investment property, so, they can make their financial future better than and what they have.

Welcome to Wealthy Wednesday. Buying first investment property is very tough. There are so many challenges.

 One of the challenges is, you are thinking, I don't know anything about the repairs. I can buy a property. Maybe you can give me a good price, but, hey, whatever the repairs, it's very hard to find a good contractor or handyman.

 Now, if you think like that, the challenges you have, you can never own an investment property or get that financial freedom. So here's the solution. Leave it on us. We do investment. We have a repair crew. We will manage your property and we'll take care of it.

 You just buy the property. We do the number together at the end of the day, every single month, you collect that rent, check in your mailbox and you take extra steps towards your financial freedom. So if you have any challenge about the repair, you don't need to know how to repair the home.

You just give that responsibility to us. We will delegate. We're going to get the right people to repair the home with the right price.

 So, if you're thinking of getting your next investment property or the first investment property and you have these challenges, give me a call. Thanks for watching Wealthy Wednesday, solutions for all real estate investment challenges are right here.

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