Buying Investment Properties - The Best Partnership

Buying Investment Properties - The Best Partnership

What is the Best Partnership for Real Estate investment? Welcome to Wealthy Wednesday.

A lot of people do partnerships for real estate investment. The reason behind we only have so much time, we only have so much real knowledge in a particular thing. So let's discuss the best partnership when we're doing a real estate investment.

Now, the number one thing you always should consider is getting a partner in the business who knows the other side of the investment is better than you. For example, if you are a contractor, you are handy. Get someone who has enough funds to fund the transaction. But if you have the money, get someone who knows the work, who knows the technicality. Or if you know the technicality, you may know the market condition, you know the pricing, you know the marketing of the property. You have enough network to get a lot of deals in the pocket. Then go for someone who knows the repair or who has the fund.

So the bottom line is to get a partner who does know the other side of the business, not exactly what you know. So don't just be there, because you have half of the money and then get another partner who pays half of the money and deal together is a good partnership but that's not the best partnership. 

Hopefully, this video is going to help you to invest in real estate. Give me a call if you have any questions. Shawn Bhakta from RE/MAX Presidential, happy to help.

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