Can you still lose out money in this seller's market when selling your home? Yes you can.

Can you still lose out money in this seller market when selling your home? Yes you can.

You want to sell your home and the question is: "Is there any time during the process or at the end of the sale, you may miss out or you may lose money? Yes, you may. Even though it's a seller's market, there are some sellers are still losing money. They are not getting the value of the home they deserve. Welcome to Real Estate Tips for South Florida.

Here is reason number five. And the reason number five is accepting an offer too soon. It is a seller's market. There are many buyers out there. What's happening here? You put the home on the market, two days pass by, and you get ten offers, and what happens then. Your realtor calls you and says, let's accept one offer. Maybe sometimes some Realtors, they just don't want to work extra days. They say, get it under contract, get it sold. I'm done with it. But that's not the right way to go. That could be good for your realtor because he or she does not have to work more. And also maybe he or she can show-off in social media, hey, I sold this house in two days. The real thing you can do in this situation is at least hold the house in the market for certain times, seven days or ten days or whatever the situation at that time. Get enough offers. Let the buyers know that I'm not looking at any offer until I have the property in the market for certain days.

What happens here then, you can look at all the offers, taking your time and pick up the best one. Because if we rush and pick up one of the offers, what happened after 15, 20, or 30 days, that deal may fall apart and then you lose the whole 30 days. So it's better to take a little time in the beginning, to analyze all the offers. Check with their lenders, and check all the resources they have if it's a cash buyer. Or if it's a financed buyer, make sure that the buyer is really going to close that property. Because rushing at that moment is not the right thing to do. 

Hopefully this information is going to help you to get the best price for your home when you're selling your home. My name is Shawn Bhakta from Remax Presidential, South Florida Home Finder Team. I'm glad to help.

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