Direct investment or indirect investment, which one is for you?

Direct investment or indirect investment, which one is for you?

Direct vs indirect real estate investing. Which one do you want to get in? Welcome to Wealthy Wednesday. Now, direct investment is where you buy the property, you own the property, you manage the property, if it's a rental property. Or if it is a fix and flip, you manage it, you hire people to fix it, and you hire a real estate agent or you sell it. If you're a realtor investor, you sell it by yourself. That's a direct investment. What it takes, it takes money, it takes expertise, it takes time. So you're fully involved.

On the same side, if you don't have enough time, you have money. You want to gain a profit from real estate investing. The good thing you can do is indirect real estate investing. You lend your money on a property as a private lender and you put a lien against the property. So when they sell, you get your money back and you make a recurring interest every single month. Or you can do a joint venture, being a silent partner. In that case, your name can be on the property if you want to get an agreement like that and let the other person do all the expert work.

Because that other person is an expert in managing and repairing and all that other stuff. So that's the silent partner. So you can be as a lender or you can be a silent partner. That's the indirect investing in real estate. So which one is for you? If you have any questions, give me a call. My name is Shawn Bhakta from Remax Presidential, South Florida Home Finder Team. I'm glad to help.

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