Great tip for Buyer to win the Contract

Great tip for Buyer to win the Contract

Hey, my friend here is a one great tip to make a negotiation stronger from the buyer's side when you're making an offer.

So what do you do is, ask the seller's realtor, about what the plan seller has. If the seller is planning to buy another home and understand their situation also. Now, all a seller wants is a guarantee. And then of course they want to make the most from their investment. But more than that they want a guaranteed sale because if a seller is selling their home and moving to a new home, they want this sale to be guaranteed. So the more guarantee you give, the more the seller is going to give you the contract. So if the seller is moving to another place, offer them a free stay or free post occupancy on that home maybe for 30 days. And that's going to make your offer separate from other people and you're giving a free stay. And think about this, if you close the property today and give the seller 30-day free post occupancy, what are you going to lose? Just one month of mortgage payment. But the other people, what they're doing, they're offering more, higher up, more offered price. They're losing actually more, but not being technical. 

You understand the seller offering them that they will respect your offer. So with the other strategies, like put a larger down payment or sometimes give them a confirmation of the price. For example, if they're selling for 450k and you can say like hey, regardless of the appraisal comes, I make sure that you get this much. So those are separate, but this one, giving a free 30-day post-occupancy or 15 days whatever the seller needs to be a game-changer for you when you are thinking of buying your next home. So add that to the offer to the dream home.

Hopefully this information will help you get your next home. Give me a call if you have any questions. With all the experience and our knowledge, we'll be glad to help you. My name is Shawn Bhakta from Remax Presidential, South Florida Home Finder Team.

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