Hiring a pro realtor is very critical - here are 5 tips.

Hiring a pro realtor is very critical - here are 5 tips.

Hey, my friend, if you are thinking of selling your home this summer, hiring a professional, a pro real estate agent is very critical. Here are five tips to hire a pro for selling your home. Welcome to today's episode of Real Estate Tips for South Florida.

Number one is to pick a real estate agent who follows the market trend. Because it is very crucial right now. The market is changing, especially for buyers, sellers, everyone. It's a changing market, so, the real estate agent you hire has to be aware of what's going on in the market. Make sure your realtor follows the market trend on a regular basis. 

Number two, hire a pro real estate agent who can maximize the pool of buyers for your property. Because compared to last year, this year there are less competition for housing. Even though there are lack of inventory, but still not like two years back or last year. You want as many as buyers to look at your property so you can have a bidding competition and you can get the highest and the best price for your home. So your real estate agent has to be an expert in marketing and different kinds of activities to market this home. That may include open houses or some digital marketing, videos and all that stuff, so you can have enough pool of buyers for your home.

Number three is a professional who understands the fine print. There are a lot of legal documents and it's very important that your real estate agent has been through those documents multiple times, understand the value of the fine print so they can protect you throughout the transaction even after you sell your home. So hire that professional who understands the contract and the fine print.

Number four is a professional who is a trained negotiator. Negotiation is a very big part of real estate transactions. Especially this time, right now, in a changing market. We do at least six to eight times negotiations throughout one contract. That is the minimum we go through the negotiations. You need the top negotiator on your side. So before you pick your real estate agent, make sure that he or she is a top negotiator.

And number five, a professional who knows how to set the right price of the home. You don't want to underprice your home, but it's very important not to overprice. You may lose out because a lot of times these days the buyers will not come to your house if it's too overpriced. Keeping at the market price gives you the benefit or the edge to have bidding competition. Again, more buyers come to your home, more offers come on your table and you get a better price for your home.

Hopefully, this information is going to help you hire the top real estate agent when you are thinking of selling your home this summer or maybe later. My name is Shawn Bhakta from Remax Presidential, South Florida Home Finder Team and we are glad to help.

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