Home selling tips 2022 - best tip to sell your home in this changing market.

Home selling tips 2022 - best tip to sell your home in this changing market.

If you are having challenges selling your home this end of 2022, here is an important tip for the home sellers to sell your home and get the most out of it. Welcome to Real Estate Tips for South Florida.

So here's the thing, the interest rate went up suddenly very high, and then the buyers are having challenges because the monthly payment went up. Now they are not qualifying the amount they used to qualify a month back. As a seller, you always have to look for the solution to the challenges the buyers are having. Now I know many real estate agents are telling their sellers to reduce the price. If your home has the appraised value, the list price you listed and the appraisal support that. My suggestion would be not to reduce the price, but rather give an incentive to the buyer. And what the buyer can do with that incentive, means the closing cost credit, with that money, they can buy down the interest rate and they can get a better interest rate than the market interest rate right now. Especially if it's a first-time home buyer and they don't have much savings for the down payment and so this incentive, if you give them 3%, 4% or 5% closing cost credit, whatever you can that's going to help. With that money, they can buy down interest or if the property needs any repairs, they can do the repair, and make it their own. That is the biggest incentive you can give right now. Rather than just reducing the price to $10k or $20,000,  really does not help the buyer. What helps is that cash contribution at the closing.

Hopefully, this information is going to help you to sell your house fast right now in the changing market. My name is Shawn Bhakta from Remax Presidential. I'm glad to help.

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