How to stop a lot of hang-ups when you are making call calls!!

How to stop a lot of hang-ups when you are making call calls!!

Are you getting a lot of hangups when you are making a cold call? I have some solutions for you. My name is Shawn Bhakta, 23 years in real estate. Let's talk about it.

The first 8 seconds are very important when you're calling a prospect through cold calling. So here's the mistake a lot of times we do. We pick up the phone and we say hey, my name is this from this company. And immediately whatever experience that particular prospect had in the past and they think you like that and hang up the phone. Because they may have a bad experience with another real estate agent and they judge you and hang up the phone.

So the way to start the call is all about them. So for example, you're going to call saying hey, is this John? And John will say yes. And  suppose you are calling because you just sold a property in the neighborhood. You say, John, I have great news for you. Your neighbor sold the blah blah house or that house on the street for this much price. What do you think about it? And then it comes to who you are and what's your company and all that stuff. 

So never ever start about you when you're making a cold call. The phone call is all about them. So they will be interested to hold the call and talk to you. Hopefully, this tip is going to help you make more conversations on the cold calling. My name is Shawn Bhakta from REMAX Presidential, South Florida Home Finder Team. Also Tom Ferry coach. And I'm glad to help.

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