In this hot seller market, can you lose out as a seller? Here is reason number 3.

In this hot seller market, can you lose out as a seller? Here is reason number 3.

I want to sell my home even though the market is for the sellers, where can I miss out? Yes, you can. There are many situations during the process, if you don't get the right people to help you, you may. Today I'm going to talk about the number three reason why some sellers are still missing out. Welcome to Real Estate Tips for South Florida

So here is the number three reason hiring the wrong Real Estate Agent. Sometimes some sellers are hiring a discounted broker or a wrong real estate agent who does not have experience in negotiation, in marketing. And to save a little money, like paying little less Commission, they're hiring the wrong Realtors who are not expert in that market. And at the end, they're losing more money. A real estate professional can do the right marketing for the home, bring more than enough buyer for the property, create a bidding competition and get more money for you. 

So when we list a property, our goal is to justify the fee you are paying us. That we bring the value to you either through the process makes it so smooth and stress-free for you. Additionally, get you extra money than you expect from the sale of the home through the negotiation. Also during the negotiation saving you money. So this is the way an experienced real estate agent can justify the fees you're paying. So you don't feel at the end that you're paying any fee because of the value they provide.

So don't pick a discount broker because it may seem to you at the beginning that you're saving some money. But you may lose out more money in the end as you got to go through all those negotiation processes throughout the contract. Hopefully this video is going to help you deciding which real estate agent to pick. My name is Shawn Bhakta from Remax Presidential, South Florida Home Finder Team and I'm glad to help.

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