Is it a good idea to renovate the home before putting it up for sale or not?

Is it a good idea to renovate the home before putting it up for sale or not?

Do you want to renovate your home before putting it on the market for sale? There are a couple of things you need to know before spending that money. You may not spend all the money to repair. These tips will help you save some money. Number one is there's a very low inventory out there. So you know, every home is selling.

Now, the reason you probably want to do the repair is because you want to get the highest and the best price. You want to make it look nice. But before you spend that money, check it. How much are you going to spend to make what kind of profit? Maybe the money you spend and you get the same money back, that's not going to help. Maybe the as-is condition is going to give you a little less money, but it's still more profitable for you in the end. So certain expenses, certain repairs may not be needed because that money you're not going to get back or you're just going to get the same money back the amount you spent. So check on that, how much money you're going to spend and what kind of benefits that repair is going to give it to you.

Number two is there are a lot of buyers out there, willing to take on a project. As long as the house is in move-in condition, the lender is going to give a loan. Lender does not care for cosmetic repairs. They care for the house to be in moving condition. It cannot be a fixer-upper. But a lot of upgrades, for example, you have a 20-year-old kitchen cabinet, some buyers will take it. They don't mind changing, because they're handy. They don't mind changing the kitchen cabinet or renovating the bathroom. And they'll give you a good price. So maybe you don't need to do the renovation. You're still going to get a good price for your home because a lot of buyers will take it as is because they're handy.

And number three, before you even start the project, check with your agent, give us a call. We will come over and we'll advise you on what repair you really need to do and what you don't. For example, if you have a tile floor and then you say you're thinking of changing that to something new, maybe you don't need to be because the main attraction of the house is, of course, the square footage, bigger bedrooms, then the kitchen and the bathrooms. That's the major attraction. Now, you may not need to spend a lot of money in the backyard landscaping or you may not need to spend a lot of money on certain cosmetic repairs. So we can come over and evaluate and let you know that, hey, you want to spend this much money, you don't need to. Only this little just to make is presentable and this house will sell.

Any questions you have on this, give me a call, my name is Shawn Bhakta from Remax Presidential, South Florida Home Finder Team. Glad To Help.

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