Myth: A new agent doesn't have the know-how

Myth: A new agent doesn't have the know-how

"A new agent doesn't have the know-how" That's today's myth. Is that true? Welcome to another episode of Myth Vs The Truth.

Sometimes you find that somebody recommend you an agent that is a brand new agent just out brand new license just out in the world. And you get a scared how to trust your biggest investment to that person that might or might not have any experience at all. You could be right or you could be wrong. It is your largest investment. And just because your agent is new doesn't necessarily mean that they're completely green. It all depends on their support system.

They may be working with a great team. That's knowledgeable that's experienced, and that has a lot of transactions in their belt and can help with negotiation. That is exactly correct. A new agent with a huge experienced support system like the team we have, it doesn't mean they're new. They're bringing all those experiences.

Actually, in our transactions, it's not only one agent working on each transaction. We have at least five or six team members. agents, including myself, Chantale, Sadie. We work together, and that's what the value we bring in. And we can share our experience on that. So if you see, especially in our team, a new agent talking to you does not mean that agent is green.

Hopefully this information might change your mind about working with a new agent. See you next week at the next episode of Myth Vs The truth.

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