Myth: I bought and sold before, I am a Pro.

Myth: I bought and sold before, I am a Pro.

I've bought a home before, I've sold before. Second time around, I'm a pro. That's today's myth. Is that myth true? 

Welcome to another episode of Myth vs the Truth.

You may have bought or sold a home before, but think about this. There's a lot of different factors. A house in an older neighborhood and a house in a newer neighborhood has a totally different strategy when it comes to marketing the process. Total different kind of people are buying or families, they're buying those properties.

Pricing! At an average price home and home with a luxury price are two different marketings. The average priced home can be sold like this in a snap. But then on a luxury home, you may need a ton of strategy, a ton of money to market that home to get the right buyer. 

Think about this. A condo versus a single family home. Purchasing a condo. There's a lot more restrictions. You have condo associations. You may have assessments, you may have board members. I mean, there's just so many more restrictions in purchasing a condo property.

Now, in a single-family home, you won't have the condos associations with all the restrictions and all the rules and regulations. Also, let's not forget condos have financing restrictions that you won't come across in a single family home.

Let's not forget the market. And the market itself is ruled by timing. Five years ago, there was a totally different market. Nothing counting ten years ago. Do you remember 2008? Everybody remembers 2008. So, yes, timing is very important that on today's market, one day is important. Six months is important. Timing is very important because the way you market your property and even if the rules and regulations or the process of selling have not changed, the timing may change the whole process. Now you have a bidding war every corner.

I hope this information will bring you tons of value. See you next week in another episode of Myth vs Truth.

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