Myth - I will buy my home when value comes down - Part 2 - Out of Town Buyer Flow

Myth - I will buy my home when value comes down - Part 2 - Out of Town Buyer Flow

We're still seeing buyers in 2021 with this Myth about they're not going to buy their home until the prices go down.

What do you think? Welcome to another episode of Myth vs the Truth. 

Being in South Florida, we're seeing that the prices are going higher and higher and going up and up. However, guys, think about it. Who do you think your competitor is?

Your competitors are those that are coming from outside of Florida. New Yorkers, people from California. They're still seeing that the prices here in South Florida are extremely reasonable. Now is the time to do it. A person from out of a state with the same lifestyle, they look at themselves with the same lifestyle here in Florida. They will see themselves and they say, oh, it's a lot cheaper. We have a lot of cheaper prices compared to their lifestyle.

So your competitor from out of town, from expensive cities, they are the one who's coming and buying the properties here. They will pay top of the market value. Now, what happens if you wait? You're going to wait, you're going to have them increase the price and then ..... two years, three years later, you're going to pay a higher price for this property.

Now it's time for you to decide, will you be on the fence or are you ready to pull that trigger? I hope this information gives you the right mind to make the right decision by now. This is another episode of Myth vs The Truth.

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