Myth: Is buying a new home, less repairs, and years to come.

Everyone loves new construction, right? You think about new construction, move in, ready. Everything's going to be perfect. But please keep in mind when you're purchasing new construction. These builders are building quickly mass production and they have a deadline to meet. If you want a new construction, you need an agent to represent you. But not only that, you have to have your own inspectors. Let's face it, at this time, these builders, need to use the best quality materials. Because see, the builder, they're not building only one house. They're building a whole community. They have to make a profit. And also they have to keep the price in a budget. So that's the way they can sell faster and doing all days. There is a problem of using quality material because they have today is the cheap material and they build it so fast, they really don't give enough time to make a quality job. We definitely suggest using an Inspector to do a thorough check-up on the house. The warranty that's given on these properties, it's a limited warranty. Maximum, maybe 12 months. The first 12 months the house is perfect. What problems are you going to have in the first 12 months? You start to experience as you start to use your property as you continue to live in your property. Now, the quality materials that they do use actually probably not there at all. Hiring your realtor making sure you get yourself an Inspector so you can come and inspect your property and also make sure that your property is in the condition that you're looking to purchase it in which is new. Remember, they have to buy in both. They have to buy the same tiles so they get cheaper quality on the tiles that they use. Countertops vanities for the bathrooms. They're going to have a massive, massive investment in something that they can get at a cheaper price. So you have to be represented over pass all these incentives.

Bottom line: Whenever you are buying a new home, also get a thorough inspection, be mindful about it. Don't just go blindly. It's a new home.

It's a brand new home. No problem, no repair. That is not true.

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