Myth: List your home with the Neighborhood Expert

Myth: List your home with the Neighborhood Expert

Today's Myth is to list your home with the neighborhood expert. Is that true?

Welcome to today's episode of Myth Vs The Truth.

Back in the days before the Internet, we would seek to work with the realtor who lives and sells in the neighborhood. But now with the Internet, making this world so much smaller, we have all the access right at our fingertips. Do you still need to work with the neighborhood expert?

So, yes, you don't need the agent, the realtor that sells only in the neighborhood and lives in the neighborhood. You actually need the agent that is stronger in marketing and stronger in negotiation. Yes, stronger in marketing.

So what happens here when the realtor is stronger in marketing, your property gets exposed everywhere, internationally, not only in the country. You get more buyers, looking at your house. You get more buyers, more people from throughout the world checking your home and you get more offers

And, a negotiator. You need that strong negotiator. Somebody who's going to be able to look out for your money and get you the highest and the best price. In these days of the Internet, You really don't need the realtor that lives or only sells in your neighborhood.

Hopefully, this information will help you to pick the right realtor for your next real estate transaction. See you at the next episode of Myth vs. The Truth.

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