MYTH: Negotiate the realtor Commission to maximize your profit.

Negotiating your Commission. So you're going to work with an agent who's going to instantlyautomatically reduce her Commission or reduce their Commission. So what do you think is going to happen when the moment to... negotiate for you arrive or at the table? What do you think that person is going to do if they were... able to instantly remove their Commission or reduce their... Commission, not actually give themselves value if they don't... care for their own money, do you think they're going to care about your money? Negotiation is something that is on any real estate... transaction. And Let's face it, you have a Commission that... .is supposed to have inside all that you do for that property... that you will sell to the top dollars. So you will have your marketing budget. You will have all your real estate due diligence that you... need to do with that Commission that you get paid. You don't get paid. If the house don't get sold, that means you get paid at the end. So how much money or how much effort that agent that... reduced the Commission will do for your property? If the Commission get reduced,        

  THINK ABOUT IT.  And Let's face it, Mr. Seller. Let's talk about the buyer's agent. That agent is on the road showing properties. So if you reduce who do you think they're going to show the... house with more Commission of the house with less Commission... then he saw the house on the market?

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