Myth: Never committing to one Realtor for your purchase!

Myth: Never committing to one Realtor for your purchase!

Today's Myth is never committing to one Realtor for your purchase. Is this Myth true? Welcome to this episode of Myth vs the Truth. There are some buyers that are making offers with one listing agent over here. They see another property, they're making another offer over here. They're searching online. They reach out to that agent that appears on the computer underneath that property, and they're expecting to get a better deal. 

But that's not the case. There's no way that you'll be able to obtain a great deal by working with so many different agents. So what happened? First of all, what is so important you need to create your agent? You actually need to create an understanding. That understanding, that is through the days and by talking and getting all the details that you want to find in a property or you want to compromise in a property. That agent will definitely get to the understanding to get you the property that you want. Period. That is so true.

The other thing is loyalty. If you are a client, not loyal to your realtor, the professional is helping you. How do you expect that realtor give you the sweet deal when it comes in the market? They're going to give it to somebody loyal to them. So what you need to do is get yourself a great realtor with a clear understanding, great rapport, loyal in order for you to obtain that great deal.

So I hope this information helps you to choose the right Realtors for your next sweet deal. See you next week in another episode of Myth versus the Truth.

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