MYTH: Open houses sell homes.

Open houses is one of the tools we use to sell homes, but necessarily it's not the key tool to selling the home. When selling a house we are open house, you know what happens during an open house? You get the nosy neighbours, you get the drive byes, you know, you'll get a lot of probably nothing people going through your home. Maybe the neighbour wanted to see your house inside for a long time and now is the chance to see. So definitely we get a lot of nosy neighbours. let's talk about anybody can walk into the open house. We get in open houses. Also the drive-byes. The people who just curious about what's your house.  They not necessarily have to be qualify buyers. They just maybe fans or TV shows about houses, and they just say, okay, let's check it out. And it's just a waste of time. So, yes, we need to have open house of one of the tools because you can get lucky and get that super buyer that is in love with your house.  But it's one of the tools that can be used for selling the home. So nosy never just drive bye. And sometimes people just walking, they don't even know the home price.  So how do you think they're qualified? They don't even know that. How many bedroom bathrooms. So they're just walking into the house blindly. Some people just walk into the home expecting to try to make a good connection with the listing agent in hopes of maybe obtaining a better deal. But necessarily, that's not always the case. Hopefully, this information helps you to make a better decision.

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