Myth: Real Estate Agents Get Rich Quick!!

Myth: Real Estate Agents Get Rich Quick!!

Today's myth is real estate agents get rich quick. Is that true? Welcome to another episode of Myth vs the Truth.

Okay, guys, let's get down to the myth, all right? There's a lot of agents out there that are coming into the business ready to make that money quickly. Now, let's put things in perspective. Being a real estate agent is not like the reality shows that we see. You don't just dress pretty and carry your name brand bag and drive your fancy car all over to show property and get a contract and get paid. Don't we wish it was that simple? It's not.

Let's break it down. You as a real estate agent have to understand, first of all, that this is a business and business is not a nine to five. This is a 24/7. Because first of all, real estate agent works when you are off from work that you actually can see house or you can talk to us in order to list your home. So that's the first thing. You don't have a 9 to 5 schedule. You make your schedule. That is also true, but your schedule gets ruled, not you're nine to five. So we have a very different schedule. That is one thing that real estate has. 

Bottom line is you can really be successful in real estate, but it needs a lot of dedication, a lot of plans, a lot of strategies, and lots of hard work. Like other businesses, there is no shortcut. It's a relationship business. You got to build up the relationship, nurture it, then be successful. So don't have that myth. What you are watching on the HGTV or any TV shows, those are just shows. Real life is your business and you gotta treat it as a business and you definitely get the fruit down the road. There is no quick money.

Now let me tell you, there is an 87% dropout rate within the first five years of being a real estate agent. So I hope you found this information helpful, and see you in next week's episode of Myth vs the Truth.

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