Myth: Realtors say & do anything to make a sale

Myth: Realtors say & do anything to make a sale

Today's Myth is some people think Realtors would say and do anything just to make a sale. Is that true?

That is so not the case. Being a realtor a real estate agent, we're held to a very strict code of ethics, being ethical no matter what happens throughout the transaction. Also, being an agent here in Florida, we are all about disclose, disclose and disclose. If you know something, you need to disclose. So, that being said by Chantale and Sadie is being ethical and disclosing all the known facts is one of the major primary jobs.

Being a realtor, we have to pass the truth from one party to the other party. If we know it, we have to disclose. We cannot just hide information and we don't do that. If someone is doing that, of course, you have to be careful. You have to report to the Board because that is not ethical.

So with that said, in our business, nature is all about relationships. We are to create and evolve and always maintain a positive and great relationship with our clients. So, if this is the business that you're in and any unethical thoughts are in your head, this isn't the place for you.

So that concludes that if you just want to do everything for that sale or everything on that transaction, you as an agent are not growing your business. You are not focusing on full business relations. Any successful Realtors know that he/she cannot just focus on one transaction. He/she has to focus and grow because this is the business of nurturing and this is the business of taking care of both sides of the transaction.

So my friend, if you see any real estate agent promising you that I'll do anything to make this deal happen, run from there. That person is not ethical. That person does not care for the client. We in Remax here, myself, Sadie, Chantale, our whole office, our whole team doesn't matter even if you are on the other side of the deal, if we are representing the seller and you are represented as a buyer by someone else, we treat all clients are equal regardless, because that is the basics of the business.

So, if someone promises you, they can do whatever, run from it. Hopefully this information will help you in the future. See you next week in another episode of Myth Vs The Truth.

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