Myth - REMOVE ALL HOLIDAY DECORATION before listing your home.

MYTH: Remove all holiday decorations before listing your home.

That's today's MYTH, but is that true?

Sometimes when you're listing your home, your realtor may tell you, hey, remove all the decoration. Now the holiday season is coming in another month, your home will be decorated and they may say that remove all the decorations, make it normal for the buyer.

So let's discuss that. Now, It's not necessary to remove all decorations. What we recommend is that 

you remove your personal items such as family pictures, family vacations, little heirloom that you purchase when you

go on vacation. Items such as that, that really personalize your own taste to that home, we always suggest that we tell the clients to remove.

So, in Christmas, for example, we suggest having a simple Christmas tree not overwhelm the house with a lot of garlands,

a lot of decorations. The stockings are good too. But again, not going too much into the personal details and not overwhelm the house with colors. Remember, the house looks very good on Christmas because of the light and the flowers.

Also in the fall season, we decorate our home or Halloween coming right now, you could have some holiday candy, some jelly beans to give that touch of the little fall decoration here and there in the front of the door. But do not overwhelm.

Do not feel that with the different decorations and that can overwhelm the buyer. So now, you know, nice, simple decor pertaining to the season is a go. I hope this information helps you to make the right decision regarding your holiday decoration.

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