Myth - Setting a LOW PRICE means You will get LESS MONEY

Myth - Setting a LOW PRICE means You will get LESS MONEY

Is that true? You'll make less money when you list it low? Let’s find out.

Welcome to today's episode of Myths vs Truth. Setting the property at a low price. What does that mean? That means you're making your home attractive. You're building that war. Bidding war.

You're making that home super competitive. The moment you list your home with a lower price or market value,  the competition begins. The buyers.....everyone wants your home. What happens then? You get multiple offers. That's what happened. Your house would be seen by more people. So you would have more showings.

Then all the buyers that are in the marketplace will be fighting for your home. So what does that mean? You are in a bidding war. Setting your home at a low price means more money. That is correct. That competition gives you more money. So now you know, whenever you list your home,  always try to set, that's one of the price strategies to make it lower. Keep that competition.

I hope this information helps you to make the right decision.

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