Myth: There’s not enough properties in the market for sale.

Today's Myth is there's not enough properties in the market for sale. Is that Myth true? There's not enough properties. 

Welcome to another episode of Myth Versus The Truth.

So let's talk about it. Everyday we as an agent receive notifications of the properties that they get expired. That means that they are no longer for sale because they couldn't sell. So that is not 100% true. There are properties for sale. Come on guys. We've never had 100 buyers and 100 homes.

It's never been an easy match. We are talking about a market where it's either a seller's market or it's either a buyer's market. There's homes out there for sale. If you're hearing that from your agent, you might have the wrong agent. So give me a call. We can help.

Now let's discuss the properties that are currently on the MLS and those homes that are not on the MLS. People are buying every day. 

Every day there are contracts put in. Every day Buyers are getting their offers accepted. There are homes out there for sale. So if you're a buyer in the market thinking of buying and you're overwhelmed with this news that there are not enough properties in the market. Definitely don't want to hear that devil. You have to make a decision right now because the more you wait, what happens? The price is going to keep on going up. You're going to end up paying more money for the same home years from now, six months from now.

Bottom line, there are properties. It may not be in the MLS, it may not be in the particular website, but there are properties that are selling in different ways. So the answer is pick the right people to guide you and give you the right advice. So I hope you found this information super helpful and has completely discarded Myths that are out there. And see you next week in another episode of Myth vs The Truth.

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