Myth: You can save money if you sell on your own!!!

Myth: You can save money if you sell on your own!!!

You can save money if you sell on your own. That's today's myth. Is that myth true? Welcome to another episode of Myth vs the Truth.

Good luck with that. A buyer negotiates at least six times throughout the transaction. They negotiate during the inspection, appraisal, lien search, you name it throughout the transaction. And selling a property and a buyer purchasing a property, it's all about emotions. A buyer will come and give you some soft story where a seller will most likely weigh and steer into that direction and you lose money. You need to hire a professional. 

And don't forget about the marketing. Because marketing is the way you can generate more people to make offers on your property. More the offer, more the money in your pocket. So how much marketing can you do by yourself? As REMAX, we do everything, all kinds of marketing to get your property shown on the Internet, physically bringing the buyer as many as possible.

And at the end, just let's face it guys, what about all the legal aspects involved? You need a professional to guide you through that. And on the other hand, do you think that the buyer won't be represented? The buyer will be  represented by an agent. So you are at the mercy of other people's negotiations or the professional comes to you and negotiates down your price. So what do you want to do? Again, you must have representation for the legal expert and a real estate professional.

I hope you found this information helpful in making the right decision and for you and your family when you're thinking about selling your next home. See you next week in another episode of Myth vs the Truth.


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