MYTH: You get a better deal when you go directly with the listing agent.

The listing agent represents the seller. The listing agent is looking out for the seller's best interest. Best interest meaning getting the highest and best price. Legally, we can represent both buyer and seller in a transaction. But is that what you really want? You need someone to represent you. Protect all your interest, not only the price of the home, different things. Let's talk about the different negotiation we do. We have as representing a buyer. We have different moments through the transaction that you We have different moments through the transaction that you can actually negotiate your purchase price. And you can get a better deal once you are represented by your own agent. The negotiation is a big part of the transaction. So you need someone just negotiate for you. Someone protect your interest. A buyer would like their agent to walk beside them, unconditionally throughout the whole transaction and make it as smooth as possible. That's why it's important that you have that loyalty, that unconditional representation for you. You can offer your best interest.

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