Never waive a home inspection - regardless of the competition!!!

Never waive a home inspection - regardless of the competition!!!

Never, ever waive a home inspection when you're buying the home. I see because of the competition, there are a lot of times the Realtors that are advising the buyers to waive the home inspection. Please, that's insane because home inspection is very important. Even keep it a two day home inspection if it's a lot of competition. 

I'm primarily a listing agent, I represent the seller, but I still give the buyer the time for the home inspection. It's an as-is sale, but it's very important to get a home inspection done. Two days or three days, you can get a home inspection done the next day. So you still have time. And I'll tell you why. Even if you buy a newer home like a two or three year old home, not like an older home, you still need to do a home inspection.

There are a few reasons. Number one is the 4 point inspection, which is required by the insurance company. And that's the roof, the air conditioning unit, plumbing and electrical. So that is the four major components of the house. You have to make sure that it passes. The roof has to have at least five years of life expectancy and then the other system has to qualify the standard they have. For example, some of the older electrical panel, they're not good anymore because they had so many recalls. So insurance companies are not going to give you insurance if you have that particular electrical panel.

Now, a lot of time the agent, they said don't do home inspection to get the bid and then later on sending a four point inspection. But hey, seller has no obligation to give you any credit or anything or negotiate with you because you waived it. So also, there are certain things with the house that can be hidden. Some of the older neighborhoods, I saw it very few times, not all the time that the house is settling in one corner, because in Florida it's all about sand and limestone. So those can be very expensive or it could cost a lot of money or maybe a crack, huge crack. The house is settling or could be the electrical system inside the cloth wiring. You have to change the whole wiring so that can be very expensive. The plumbing, in some neighborhoods, some homes have the polybutylene pipes inside and those are not approved by the insurance companies. They have so many recalls on those because they burst or different things. 

So home inspection is very important. I know for the buyers right now it's very competitive. But please, at least two or three days of home inspection, keep it, get it done, see the report, then accept the property. That's my advice. And for the Realtors also, please, I know that the buyer wants the home, it is an emotional decision. But as a professional, we have to keep you educated, keep you in line with the right decision, because it's not all about Emotion. Because you like the property, doesn’t mean you have to buy it no matter what, not right. There's another property that will come. Our job is to keep you safe keep you informed, keep you educated with the process and different things, whatever we know. So bottom line home inspection is a must. 

Hopefully this information will help you when you buy your next home to get a home inspection. Give me a call if you have any questions, Shawn Bhakta from Remax presidential. Glad to help.

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