New Real Estate Agent, Now WHAT - Part 1 - Who should you join?

New Real Estate Agent, Now WHAT - Part 1 - Who should you join?

If you are a brand new real estate agent, just got a license, and thinking about which broker to join. Or maybe you are a real estate agent with a brokerage and not happy with the activity going on or deals or whatever, the reason behind, this video is for you. So I'm going to have four parts and this is part one. And I'm going to talk about who to join.

This is very crucial, which brokerage do you join and what thinking process going on in your head before joining the broker. So you can ask the right question to the broker or manager, whoever you interview with. Now remember the school, when you went for the licensing, they did not teach anything about business. I mean zero. All you learned in school is the law, some practice, how to do it and how to pass the test basically. But nothing about business structure. That's the reason a lot of successful Realtors, actually, all of the super successful Realtor shave coach, they pay a good amount of fee to the coaching because they get those return on the investment of the fees.

Now here's the question. Who are you going to pick as a broker? So number one thing is your goal will be to join a brokerage to learn. Because, not the commission, you got to learn the skill. You got to learn and accumulate knowledge so you can give the proper services to the client and then you make money. So if you go for just the money first, okay, this is the brokerage that is giving me the highest percentage. That may not be, not only may not be, that will probably not be the right fit for you.

So your number one goal will be which brokerage i s not overselling. They're talking about the support, they're going to give it to me. They're going to be talking about the growth, they're going to give it to me. Or they going to help me grow or the practical training they're going to have. Not like, oh, I'm going to give you 50 leads or I'm going to give you 100 leads here and there or I'm going to give you 90%, 100% commission. Whatever it is, that is not the right brokerage for you. Because at this point you just got a license. You want to learn the business, you want to think about the growth for the future, and you got to start right now. 

So this time your thought process will be asking questions to the broker or if you want to join a team, to the team leader or manager, what growth plan do they have for you, what education or training or coaching or accountability they have for you. You definitely don't want to join where you just want to be a number. You want to be a realtor. Regardless of the brokerage or team, you join, you have to be somebody accountable to that brokerage. If you don't produce, you get a phone call like, hey, what's going on? How can I help you? Not a number, like a broker, who has 100 real estate agents. And they say, I don't care if somebody produced two or five or ten or 20, like at the end of the day, together we make money. That's a no-no for you. That's good for them, but not for you. Remember that.

So always have that growth thought. Where can you grow your business and join that brokerage? Hopefully this information is going to help you pick the right brokerage or the team. I'm always here to help you. My name is Shawn Bhakta, from Remax Presidential, South Florida Home Finder Team and Tom Ferry Coach. I'm here to help. 

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