New Real Estate Agent, Now WHAT - Part 4 - What do you need to track to grow your business.

New Real Estate Agent, Now WHAT - Part 4 - What do you need to track to grow your business.

Hey my friend, if you are a brand new real estate agent, and thinking of joining a brokerage right now. Or maybe you're an agent not happy  where you are because you are probably getting counted as a number, not as an agent, not getting the support. This video is for you.

Today is the last part, part four. Check out the other three videos before and today I'm going to talk about what to track. Because in part three I spoke about how to plan that day. Tracking is a super important thing in business because if you don't track, and if you don't measure it, you will not know where you're going. In short, what to track. Okay? So don't track closings, just put closings as a number for the goal. For example, you want to close two homes a month and 24 homes a year. And then you know, this many sellers, this many buyers, perfect. You put that. But to do that, how many appointments do you have to do? Because maybe out of two listing appointments, you close one, to get ten listings, you have to do 20 appointments or maybe four to one, whatever your number is. So you track appointments. Okay? And more than tracking appointments is the conversations. Because if you don't have a good conversation, you cannot make the appointment. Now, this conversation has to be a very targeted conversation. Not being salesy but being a knowledge broker. So when you're talking to a client, speak about real estate, whatever challenge they have, give them the solution. If they want to know any practical knowledge of what's going on right now, the fact, not what they're watching in the news, give those. So basically have a conversation targeted at real estate. That counts as a conversation. So you could count on that and also you could count how many warm clients you have. Like the more motivated client you have. You may have 5000 leads from social media and they may not be, none of them could be a good lead unless you know their motivation level. Because especially in social media, what happened to be, just swiping and then just clicking, clicking, clicking. Your lead could be in another 10 or 20 real estate agents that have the same information, and the same client. Whoever reaches out to them, asks them the right question, meets with them and we'll get the business. So make sure you know their motivation level. Do they really want to buy or sell a home? When do they want to do that? What's their story, what they're looking for? And then give them the solution.

So tracking the warm clients, that's one list, then from there it goes to the appointment because you will call them in a timely manner and then from the appointment, it creates the file. So this is very important to have a conversation. So again, just to repeat it, warm clients list, conversations having on a daily basis, and then how many appointments you're having, are you reaching your appointment goal? So these three things are very, very important to track. Hopefully, this information is going to make your everyday productive. My name is Shawn Bhakta from  RE/MAX Presidential, South Florida Home Finder Team. And also I'm a Tom Ferry Coach, and I'm glad to help.

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