Number 1 Challenge for today’s Home Sellers

Number 1 Challenge for today’s Home Sellers

So what is the number one challenge for today's home sellers? Is this, can I get the highest and best price for my home? No. How soon can I sell? No. The biggest question we are getting from our seller prospects is, hey, I want to sell, but where do I go?

Whenever this kind of challenge comes, who do you need to hire? You need to hire a realtor who is skillful, has experience. So they can give you a solution for that. So whenever I get this question I ask them back, where do you want to move? What kind of property are you looking to buy? Your next home. And we give them the solution.

We have different ways to find the property. We all know the MLS is the number one place to go look for property. But hey, there are another 10 different ways we can find a property for you. And also from the MLS. Because of our reputation being in Remax and being in the real estate market for so long, when we call another listing agent, our reputation comes to work.

So don't be fearful if you want to sell your home and buy the dream home. Because this is the time, the market is in bananas and this is phenomenal for a seller because you can cash out, get the best price right now and buy the dream home you are waiting for. So give us a call. My name is Shawn Bhakta from Remax Residential, South Florida Home Finder team. We're glad to help.

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