Real estate investment - OPM vs OPR

Real estate investment - OPM vs OPR

You probably know the word OPM, other people's money. But what is OPR? Welcome to Wealthy Wednesday.

We know what OPM means and that’s other people's money. That means if we have skill, we have knowledge and not enough money to do a business, grow wealth, do investment, then we put our knowledge, our effort, our skill, and partner up with someone who has the money, that's other people's money. And of course, they get a profit share also. So we all share.

Now, OPR is way bigger than OPM. Opr means other people's resources. Now resources means it's more than money, not the money that particular person has. Maybe a person you know does not have money, but they have resources, means they have connected people who have money and who are willing to do investment. So you don't let that person go because they don't have money. Now you think broadly and network with that person and get the resource connected. Or someone may know some technical things, someone may have some other skill. What you don't have, those are the resources.

So today's lesson in Wealthy Wednesday is not only go for OPM, actually go for OPR, use the resources from the people you know, grow your business to the next level. And again, my friend, resource is one thing, but then apply that to your business, apply that to your work is the key. The key is the execution. So let's execute. Look for those resources, put it together and grow your business. Hopefully, this information is going to help you grow your business to the next level and will build a lot of wealth for you and your family. See you next week. Glad to help.

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