Real estate investment: Single family home or a Multi family home.

Now let's see single family or multi-family which one is better for you? When is a rental property? It's always better to have multi doors than one door. Definitely single family and multi-family both grow. When it comes to the equity, it goes up. So you grow your accurate on both. But then think about this on your single family home. You have one tenant. If it's vacant for two months when one tenant is moving out and you're getting out of the tenant, you lose out two months of rent or the tenant doesn't pay. If you have only one tenant, but on a multi-family home, if you have a calculation, that is okay. You know what? I have a four-unit building. The two of the tenant pay my expenses. So even though you have one tenant, you know, doesn't pay for a month two months or you have one unit empty for some reason for repair or tenant move in, or move out. You're not going to lose out because multi-family multi door is always better than having a single door on a rental property. So next time when you are planning to buy a rental property and you're going for a single family home, check out the prices of a multi family in the same neighbourhood.  Maybe a single family cost 300, for example, maybe $400,000. You can get a three unit or whatever the neighbourhood and the market value is and do your numbers. Definitely you're going to have a higher return on investment on a multifamily building with multiple doors than just one door. Hopefully, this video will help you make a better decision on purchasing your next investment property.

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