Real estate investment single family versus condominium.

In today's video, let's discuss which one is a better investment. Either investing on a condominium or buying a single-family home. The condominium is definitely a safe investment because, you know, there's a maintenance fee you pay, so they take care of the outside. You don't have much maintenance because of just the inside and you know, the more or less the rent coming in because normally in a condo building, there is a two-bedroom, two-bathroom, one bedroom, one bathroom. And the rent prices does not vary that much. So it is safe. But on the same side, when you want to sell the condo, you're not going to get many buyers compared to single family. So the equity build up will not be much compared to single family. Second thing, some of the Association, they may raise the maintenance fee, some assessment. Sometimes they will just do a meeting. They will inform all the tenants or all the homeowners and they'll make a decision. So the main monthly maintenance fee can go up anytime somebody can sue the condo. That also affects your value of the condominium unit. So if you really want to grow in investment, condo is not the first choice. Now let's talk about single family. Definitely in a single family, you can get a way higher rent, because our big family can rent a single family home because there's extra space. And so secondly, you can have the basic insurance on a single family home. And of course, the taxes, you know how much and the equity built up. You know, you can have a single family home. You know, once you build up the equity without even selling the home, you can get the actual line of credit and you can buy another one. So single travel home has more leverage to grow your investment... compared to a condo. Yes, of course, there are a little bit more maintenance if... the house is not in a great condition or at least good air condition so that you have to check. But definitely. If you want to grow with real estate investment, my suggestion will be by a single family over a condominium.

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