Real Estate Myth: All Agents are trained to evaluate homes.

Real Estate Myth: All Agents are trained to evaluate homes.

Today's myth is all agents are trained to evaluate homes. Is this myth true? Welcome to another episode of Myth versus the Truth. In Real Estate, there are a lot of different factors. You have to cater to a buyer's needs, catering to an investor's needs, and catering also to a seller's needs. There are many different strategies that are used for each client, each step. Now, some realtors, they feel that they're the jack of all trades. However, you need to be a master at one trade if you are looking or seeking to evaluate a property properly. So that individual, that agent, needs to be a master in that one particular field.

While evaluating a home, there are so many things that have to be taken care of. For example, if you just don't go to the MLS, I said, okay, closed sales, and this is the price. Oh, no, that's not the way. The way we do it, we have to go ahead and look at the time, what time this house is going to be for sale. The square footage of the house, the neighbor of the house, the materials of the house have been built up, the neighborhood, the development around. All of these have a very important component to the house. And you know why house are unique itself? Because why, speak about the family who lives in, speak about the culture. Everyone put a little bit of themselves into the house. So every house is unique.

Bottom line, when evaluating a home, there is a tangible asset. There is an intangible asset. There is a lifestyle. Because when we're buying a house, we're not really buying that property. We're buying a lifestyle. The lifestyle I want to live, my family wants to live. So there are a lot of different things involved on a home evaluation.. So, again, when you hire someone to evaluate your home, make sure you hire someone who is an expert on that. Or that particular team is focusing on the listing, not just everything. So that's the message I wanted to give you today. So I hope you found this message very informative, helping you decide on picking the right agent to evaluate your home. This is all we have for today. I'll see you next week in another episode of Myth versus the Truth.

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