Real Estate Myth: Experienced Agents are always the best

Real Estate Myth: Experienced Agents are always the best

Experienced Agents are always the best. That's today's myth. Is this myth true? Welcome to another episode of Myth versus the Truth.

Experience is good. Nobody denies that. Experience is going to have a lot of ways to talk to you. But also you need the time. Does that agent has enough time for you? Is that agent just accumulating one more file because they have a lot of experience? The communication is good. The relationship with that seller is good. Remember, you just have one house to sell. He has plenty to sell. An experienced agent may not have time with you. However, the knowledgeable agent, that's the agent that you want to hire. That's the agent who's up to the trend with marketing, the buying and selling strategies, the approach of a seller or buyer.

The real estate market is changing regularly, So you need that agent or you need to search for that agent that's not only experienced but also knowledgeable. Is that knowledge up to date? Right now things are changing drastically every single day. Now if that agent has knowledge ten years old, it's not going to work right now. That's one thing and that is one of the biggest reasons right now in the whole country, teams are super successful because it's not one person's knowledge, it is the knowledge and the training together everyone is bringing to the plate for you. Whether you are a buyer or seller, or an investor, you get the best of everyone. So again, don't fall for that phrase that knowledge is power. Knowledge is not power unless it's implemented and also it is up to date. 

Hopefully, this information will help you to hire the right agent. Thanks for watching. See you next week in another episode of Myth Versus the Truth.

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