Real Estate Myth - It’s a terrible time to buy

Real Estate Myth - It’s a terrible time to buy

It's a terrible time to buy. That's today's myth. Is this myth true? Welcome to today's episode of Myth versus the Truth. So we're hearing this from our investors, our current buyers, that this is just not the right time to buy. Now, we do understand that within the last two years, property prices have gone up. The interest rates have also increased in the last two years we've seen a nice record-breaking low. And along with the purchase of the property, you have your property taxes. So with property taxes, they may go up as well, affecting your current mortgage or whatever your budget is for your home. But think about this, guys, will this really kill the American Dream? Buyers will always buy, it's still the American Dream.

Of course, everyone wants to own a home and at any time buying a home would be a better alternative. Let's see what is in this moment, what we're finding. We're finding out how the market of rentals is, how the rentals are doing. Rentals are world record higher. I will not say national, it is a world record everywhere. Rentals are very high. So the alternative to buy will be rental. You need a place to live. So where are you going to live as a renter? You're paying somebody's mortgage. That's the real answer. And on the other side, you still find a lot of buyers, real pre-approved buyers on the market taking advantage of some people in the decision and some listing agents are receiving  multiple offers when a very, very good property comes alone. So it's still a good time to buy. In conclusion, is it a terrible time to buy?

We're still getting multiple offers on most of the properties. There is still a lot of buyer flow and the market probably keeps on going up. So don't be on the fence. Make your decision today because owning your home is still the American dream and you should live your dream. So I'm hoping you guys found this information very helpful and it breaks that myth for you to pull the trigger and live that American dream. See you next week. In another episode of Myth versus the Truth.

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