Real Estate Myth: Selling Agent Bonus is a great marketing idea!!

Real Estate Myth: Selling Agent Bonus is a great marketing idea!!

Selling agent bonus is a great marketing idea. That's today's myth. Is this myth true? Welcome to another episode of Myth versus the Truth. Selling agent bonus. What that means is giving another incentive just what it says, a bonus. So for instance, that buyer's agent would bring their clients and they would push that property, or not push, but try to sell that property in order to obtain the additional bonus. Now, if you're a buyer and you're looking to purchase a property, if you like it, you're going to offer whatever you want to offer. You would offer  more if needed. But keep in mind that sometimes listing agents, encourage the bonus, the additional bonus, in order for the property to sell faster, in order for the seller to get that high price that they're asking for. What do you think?

Do you think that that's something that they should concentrate the funds on or maybe use it somewhere else? So let's just talk about that part. Mr. Seller, if you have an additional bonus to offer to the buyer's agent, my personal recommendation would be why you don't spend that money in the house in your own house. Why you don't try to lift up the curb appeal of your house? Maybe your gardening needs a little trim here and there. That would be a good appeal to future buyers. Or why you don't get your listing agent to spend that additional bonus on marketing like expanding the marketing campaign. Like make a really good marketing campaign just beyond the regular that he does. And he will expand the possibilities to get you a great buyer.

The bottom line, giving that extra bonus to the buyer's agent may not be necessary. We can spend that money some other place, something like marketing. Getting more buyers to look at the property. Getting a bidding competition for the property will give you that result you're looking for. Hopefully this information will help you make the right choice in deciding where you would like to stay that money. You also can decide on this episode can help you to hire the right listing agent. See you next week in another episode of Myth Versus the Truth.

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