Real Estate Myth: The Real Estate Agent suggesting the highest listing price will be my Agent!!

Real Estate Myth: The Real Estate Agent suggesting the highest listing price will be my Agent!!

The real estate agent that lists my house at the highest price is the best real estate agent. Is this true or it's a myth? Welcome to today's episode of Myth versus the Truth.

So you're interviewing agents. This one agent walks in and tells you that they can list your property at a ridiculous amount of money and it sounds enticing, it sounds great. But that agent is really promising you something that may not happen. Do you really want to risk putting your property on the market, holding it under contract, and it does not reach the expectation that the agent set out for you. 

So yes, you will find a real estate agent that will come and promise you the impossible. He's the super agent. He's doing it all. He's going to sell your house $100,000 over your neighborhood price. So do you really want to expose your home and waste that time? Waste the time of possible buyers who are ready and willing to get on the contract for the right price. You have to trust the process. You have to trust the agent that is educated enough to give you the truth and actually, look forward to your best interest. Your interest is to sell at the highest price, but at the same time at a realistic price. So you find the buyer that will close on your house.

So yes, this thing happens. One of the real estate agents who is desperate to get business is going to promise you arms and legs. Now, a real estate agent's goal should be of course, getting the highest and best, but not to over-promise. Because over promising at  the end of the day will not get anywhere because we still have to go through the appraisal. We still have to get a realistic buyer for the property, not just to list it as a high price and keep it in the market for a long time. So it's your time to make a decision about who you're going to go with. I hope you found this information helpful in choosing your next best agent and not going with that over-promising one. See you next week in another episode of Myth vs. The Truth.

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